As a family-owned and operated company, we are proud to employ some of the best technicians in the greater Houston area, so that all of our jobs are performed professionally, efficiently and the highest standard. We stand behind our work, and therefore we are pleased to be able to offer all of our clients a satisfaction guarantee. Our mission at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating is to work with Honesty, Quality and Value in all instances.” – Josue Moncivais

When it comes to choosing services for your air conditioning and heating needs, we want you to be delighted with the service you receive from us. Strong Tower A/C has been servicing the Houston area since 2005. We provide our clients with top notch air conditioning, heating, repair services, maintenance, installations, sales, and duct cleaning as well. We service many varieties of air conditioning units and heating units; including commercial, construction, and residential.

Strong Tower is particularly proud of the service we provide. We send out passionate and dedicated technicians who not only enjoy the career that they chose, but also the continuing growth of their skills in the HVAC field. We’re proud of our people. We take pride in our work. We’re committed to earning your business and trust. We are built strong on our customer loyalty.

Kind Regards,
�€‹Josue Moncivais


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